Walter Matthau | Memorabilia


Carol loved tiaras. This one sits atop a Tiffany's mannequin.

Postcard from Oona O'Neill Chaplin

A personal note from Oona O'Neill Chaplin.

Perfume Bottle

One of Carol's bottles from her collection.

Perfume Bottle

Carol loved perfume. This is one of her vintage bottles.

Painting by Gloria Vanderbilt

This stunning portrait of Carol, painted by Gloria Vanderbilt, became the cover of Carol's memoirs, "Among the Porcupines."

Note from Gloria Vanderbilt

This note refers to a Southhampton party in the late 1970s to celebrate the friendship of Carol, Gloria, and Oona O'Neill Chaplin.

Needlepoint Photo Album

This was a gift from Barbra Streisand, who personally needlepointed this photo album for Carol.

Note from Anne Jackson

Mrs. Kirk Douglas sent Carol a note asking her to autograph "Among the Porcupines."

Letter from Richard Widmark

Widmark sent Carol a handwritten note congratulating her on "Among the Porcupines."

Letter from Richard Avedon

A personal note from world-renowned photographer Dick Avedon.

Letter from Oona O'Neill Chaplin

Oona writes Carol about the wonderful trip they had to the States, and the party thrown by Carol and Walter in honor of Oona and her husband Charlie Chaplin.

Letter from Oona O'Neill Chaplin

Oona write Carol about the trouble Charlie Chaplin is having making a decision about whether to accept the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences invitation to return to the United States to be honored at the Oscars ceremony.

Letter from Lillian Ross

A personal note about a visit Carol paid Ross at the offices of "The New Yorker" with young Charlie in tow.


Some of Carol's favorite and signature hats.

Gown, White House Visit

Carol wore this dress during a White House dinner with President and First Lady Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

Gown, Pink Dress, Event Unknown

One of Carol's evening gowns.

Letter from George Burns

This letter to Carol is dated January 28, 1993.

"Esquire" Magazine signed by Truman Capote

Capote inscribed, "For my old loved ones Carol and Walter from Truman".


Carol loved dolls. This is a very old vintage doll from her personal collection.

"The Secret in the Daisy"

Carol's critically acclaimed novel was published in 1955.

"Honey Bunch: Her First Days on the Farm"

This was one of Carol's treasured possessions during the very early part of her childhood, when she was living in foster care.

"Among the Porcupines"

Carol published her memoirs in 1993.