Charles Matthau | Relationships

Adam West

Star of ‘Batman’ the television series (1966-1968), West gives a quirky and hilarious performance as Charles Pinsky in "Doin' Time On Planet Earth"(1998).

Al Hirschfeld

The pre-eminent cartoonist of the 20th Century, he created several portraits of Charlie, Carol and Walter while on the job at the “New York Times”. He was a treasured family friend.

Andrea Thompson

Matthau cast Andrea in her first film "Doin' Time On Planet Earth"(1988). She has since appeared in many television series including "NYPD Blue", "JAG" and "24".

Armand Assante

Charlie had a great time directing Armand Assante on the 2019 film The Book Of Leah. Armand is best known for his Golden Globe winning performance as John Gotti.

Boyd Gaines

Broadway star, and three time Tony Award winner, Boyd Gaines lent his distinctive voice to the narration of "The Grass Harp"(1995) directed by Charles Matthau. The next year, Gaines appeared with Matthau's father, Walter Matthau, in the film adaptation of "I'm Not Rappaport"(1996).

Carol Burnett

Long time family friend of the Matthau family, she starred with Walter in "Pete 'N Tillie"(1972) and "The Front Page" (1974). While directing his fourth film, Charlie cast Carol Burnett and his father Walter as widowers who find a second chance at love in "The Marriage Fool"(1998).

Carol Grace

Charlie’s mother was a world-class writer, wit, wife and mother. Her personality inspired Truman Capote to create the character Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Cary Grant

Grant appears with Walter in "Charade"(1963). He was also a family friend and Charlie attended the racetrack with Grant on many occassions.

Charles Durning

Joined the all-star cast of "The Grass Harp"(1995), directed by Charlie Matthau, in which he played the role of “Reverend Buster”. He also stars in "Baby O".

Charles Marcus

Carol’s father and Charlie’s grandfather, Marcus co-founded Bendix Aviation with Vincent Bendix. He was a confidante of Howard Hughes.

Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin was the greatest figure in cinema in the early part of the 20th century. He was a family friend of the Matthaus and (along with Richard Widmark Charlie Matthau’s godfather. Charlie is named for both Chaplin and his grandfather Charles Marcus.

Christian Kane

Matthau cast Kane as Estella Warren’s love interest in "Her Minor Thing"(2005).

David Proval

Proval is a magnificent character actor from “The Sopranos” and “Mean Streets”. He wrote and stars in "Baby O" and he asked Charlie to direct.

Diane Keaton

Keaton directed Charlie in "Hanging Up"(2000). He appears as Young Lou.

Don Siegel

As an impressionable young boy, Charlie Matthau was cast in his first acting role and spent the summer on the set of "Charley Varrick"(1973). It gave him the opportunity to follow director Don Siegel around. Charlie said: "That is when I decided to be a director."

Doris Roberts

Before she became a household name playing Ray Romano's nagging mother on the television series “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Roberts was cast as "Mrs. Richards" in "The Grass Harp"(1995).

Edward Dmytryk

Dmytryk first directed Walter in "Mirage"(1965) and later taught Charlie at USC Film School.

Edward Furlong

Furlong plays Collin Fenwick in the lyric coming-of-age tale based loosely on the childhood memories of Truman Capote, the film adaptation of his classic novel,"The Grass Harp", directed by Charles Matthau.

Ellen Burstyn

Burstyn plays the title role in "Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love"(1991).

Elliot Gould

Gould was a lifelong friend of the Matthaus. He got Charlie his first directing job by recommending him to Menachem Golan, CEO of Canon Films.

Elmore Leonard

Mr. Leonard was a popular writer of crime fiction and many of his books became films. One of them was “Freaky Deaky” which Charlie directed, wrote the script for, and produced.

Eric Roberts

Eric and his wife Eliza helped Charlie with "Baby O". Eric played Uncle Daddy and Eliza used to babysit Charlie when he was a little boy.

Estella Warren

Warren stars as "Jeana" in the romantic comedy "Her Minor Thing"(2005) directed by Charles Matthau.

Felicia Farr

As a kid, Charlie appears in "Charley Varrick"(1973), along with his father Walter Matthau, Joe Don Baker and Felicia Farr. A lifelong family friend, Farr was the wife of Walter's best friend, Jack Lemmon.

Fred Astaire

The legendary dancer and entertainer was a family friend who Charlie, as a boy, sometimes hitched a ride with to Hollywood Park racetrack.

Gene Kelly

Kelly directed Walter Matthau and Barbra Streisand in "Hello, Dolly!"(1969) and "A Guide for the Married Man"(1967). Charlie fondly remembers the childhood tradition of spending New Year’s Eve with his parents at Gene Kelly's house.

George Raft

Famous for his gangster roles, George Raft truly loved placing bets on the horses and hanging around the track. Charlie and his father often went to the track together, but when Walter was working or unavailable, Charlie caught rides to Hollywood Park racetrack with friends George Raft, Fred Astaire or Cary Grant.

Glenda Jackson

Young Charlie Matthau plays Glenda Jackson's son in "House Calls"(1978). The Oscar-winning Jackson stars with Walter Matthau in "House Calls"(1978) and "Hopscotch"(1980). The multi-faceted Jackson entered public service in 1992 when she became an elected Member of Parliament.

Gloria Hendry

In his directorial debut, Charles Matthau cast Ms. Henry as the mom in "Doin' Time On Planet Earth"(1988). She endeared herself to audiences as the original mom of "Dennis The Menace" in the television series (1959-1963). Charlie's father, Walter Matthau, starred as Mr. Wilson in the 1993 film version. The young Matthau cast Gloria again in 2005, as Estella Warren's adorable neighbor "Mrs. Porter" in "Her Minor Thing".

Henry Jaglom

Film directors Henry Jaglom and Charlie Matthau have been friends for years. Jaglom cast Charlie as the "Sarcastic Boyfriend" in his film “Going Shopping” (2005).

Hugh Hefner

Charlie first met Hef when he went with Walter to watch Ali vs. Frazier at the Playboy Mansion. They have remained lifelong friends. Coincidentally, Hefner has also known Ashley Matthau her whole life because Ashley’s grandfather was Playboy’s musical director.

Jack Lemmon

Lemmon was Charlie’s second father. Charlie had the honor of directing him in "The Grass Harp"(1995).

James 'Buster' Douglas

Douglas cameos in Charlie’s film "Baby O". He perpetrated one of the greatest sports upsets by knocking out an undefeated Mike Tyson as a 100 to 1 underdog.

Jennifer Grant

Before they were born, Charlie’s and Jennifer’s parents were friends. Jennifer is the daughter of Dyan Cannon and Cary Grant. Grant starred with Walter Matthau in "Charade"(1963) and Dyan Cannon appeared with Walter in "Out to Sea"(1997).

Joe Don Baker

As a boy, Charlie appeared in "Charley Varrick"(1973) with actor Joe Don. As a director, years later, Charlie cast Baker in "The Grass Harp"(1995). Joe Don also appears in Charlie's film "Baby O".

Kathy Griffin

Griffin gives a hilarious performance as “Maggie”, the wacky man-hating lawyer, in "Her Minor Thing"(2005).

Larry King

King, the colorful TV personality, has frequently invited Charlie to be a guest on his show.

Mary Steenburgen

Charlie cast Steenburgen as the lively "Sister Ida", a tent revivalist and mother of fourteen youngsters, in "The Grass Harp"(1995).

Maureen Stapleton

A lifelong pal, Maureen was friends with Carol Grace and Walter Matthau in the early New York days, even before they were married. She appeared in the stage production “The Cold Wind and the Warm” (1958-1959) with Carol and later starred in "Plaza Suite"(1971) with Walter. Charlie cast Stapleton as "Hellium Balloon Saleslady" in "Doin' Time On Planet Earth"(1988).

Meg Ryan

Charlie Matthau plays young Lou Mozell—Meg Ryan's character’s father—in the flashback scenes of "Hanging Up"(2000).

Michael Weatherly

Matthau cast Weatherly as Estella Warren’s boyfriend “Tom” the newscaster in the romantic comedy "Her Minor Thing"(2005).

Nell Carter

Matthau cast the dynamic Broadway star in the role of Catherine Creek in "The Grass Harp"(1995).

Paula Prentiss

Prentiss and husband Richard Benjamin have said they were inspired by Walter Matthau and Charlie’s relationship in their own close bond with their son Ross.

Piper Laurie

Matthau cast Ms. Laurie as "Dolly" in "The Grass Harp"(1995), for which she received rave reviews. It was her favorite role in a long and distinguished career. Laurie is proud to call it her best performance.

Positive Ray

[Miss Ray was introduced to Carol Grace by her mother Rosheen. A young divorcee with two young Saroyan children, Carol needed Miss Ray's help. They remained best of friends and 'sisters' as Carol describes it, and Ray was Charlie's nanny for his entire life.

Rachel Dratch

Matthau cast “SNL” star Rachel Dratch in "Her Minor Thing"(2005). Dratch gives a comical performance as Estella Warren’s best friend “Caroline”.

Rance Howard

Charlie and Rance worked together, as actors, in "Ghost Town" (2007). Charlie also directs Mr. Howard (father of director Ron Howard) in "Baby O", in which Rance plays the role of the club manager.

Ray Walston

The "My Favorite Martian" star appeared in Charlie's USC student film "I Was a Teenage Fundraiser".

Richard Benjamin

Charlie plays Glenda Jackson's son in "House Calls"(1978), in which Richard Benjamin played Dr. Solomon.

Richard Widmark

Actor Richard Widmark was, along with Charlie Chaplin, Charlie’s godfather.

Robert Goulet

Goulet co-stars in "Baby O". Charlie has been a lifelong fan of the dashing star of stage, screen and recordings.

Roddy McDowall

Charlie Matthau cast Roddy in two of his films; first in "Doin' Time On Planet Earth"(1988) and again in "The Grass Harp"(1995).

Sam Giancana

The longtime Chicago mob underboss dated Phyllis McGuire, a friend of Charlie’s nanny Ray. Charlie used to swim in his pool and call him “Uncle Sam”.

Sissy Spacek

Both Charlie and Walter adored working with the talented Spacek. Charlie cast her in "The Grass Harp"(1995) for which she received rave reviews for her performance as "Verena". Spacek plays "Liz Garrison" in Oliver Stone's "JFK."(1991), in which Walter appears as "Senator Long".

Steve McQueen

Steve and his wife Nellie were friends of the Matthau family. They sat together at the 1967 Oscar ceremony, where Walter won for "The Fortune Cookie"(1966). Steve also gave Charlie his first pet, which was a bunny rabbit they called Bullitt. Charlie later acted with Steve's son Chad in "Number One Fan."

Stirling Silliphant

On collaborating with director Charles Matthau during "The Grass Harp"(1995), the Oscar winning screenwriter wrote, "I must tell you that of all the directors with whom I’ve worked over some 30+ years, you, without any questions, have shown me the keenest story and construction sense. Your career will be a brilliant one."

Sydney Pollack

Sydney Pollack was an Academy Award winning director who graciously served as a directing mentor for Charlie. He produced a CBS Movie of the Week that Charlie directed called Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love which was critically acclaimed, and had actually been a teaching assistant in Carol Matthau’s acting class in the 1950’s, under the direction of Sandy Meisner.

Tatum O'Neal

O’Neal stars with Walter in "The Bad News Bears"(1976). She and her father Ryan became lifelong friends of the Matthaus.

Teresa Russell

Russell stars in "Baby O". Charlie has always admired the sultry star.

Truman Capote

Capote was a close friend of Carol Grace. He based the personality of Holly Golightly from “Breakfast and Tiffany’s” on Carol’s. Charlie directed "The Grass Harp"(1995), which was based on Capote’s novella.

Victoria Jackson

Early in her career, Jackson appeared in "The Couch Trip"(1988) with Dan Aykroydand Walter Matthau. The young Matthau cast “SNL” alumnus Victoria Jackson as “Norma” the travel agent in "Her Minor Thing"(2005).

Walter Matthau

Walter was Charlie's father and his hero.